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OpenStack Beginner’s Guide – For Ubuntu Trusty

Version 4 of OpenStack Beginner’s Guide is out. This guide is based on OpenStack Icehouse version. You can download the book by clicking the link below.

Click on the image to download the guide.
Click on the image to download the guide.

4 thoughts on “OpenStack Beginner’s Guide – For Ubuntu Trusty

  1. Dear Admin
    Following guider when i use command (page 60)
    “neutron net-create Extnet –provider:network_type flat –provider:physical_network External –router:external True –shared True”
    Error happens :
    400-{u’NeutronError’: {u’message’: u”Invalid input for operation: ‘[u’True’, u’True’]’ cannot be converted to boolean.”, u’type’: u’InvalidInput’, u’detail’: u”}}
    Can you hacve any solution ?
    Thank you

  2. neutron_metadata_proxy_shared_secret is “openstack” in neutron and nova configuration files, but “metadata_pass” in metadata_agent.ini, should be a typo?

    1. Hi Jing

      Thanks for pointing out the mistake. It will be rectified in the next version of the book.

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