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Installing a Mini NAS server on Raspberry Pi – Open Media Vault

Open Media Vault is an Open Source Network Attached Storage solution based on Debian/Linux. Open Media Vault is loaded with a lot of plugins and features. For features and list of plugins available, please refer the feature list. Open Media Vault supports architectures like x86, AMD 64 and ARM. Since it supports ARM architecture, it is ported to work on Raspberry Pi. The latest version of Open Media Vault is 2.0.15. Let us now see how to create a mini NAS server by installing Open Media Vault on a Raspberry Pi. Let us download the compressed installer image from the web.


Let us now extract the image file from the compressed file.

gunzip omv_2.0.15_rpi_rpi2.img.gz

Let us now write the image to an SD card. Let’s assume that the SD card is /dev/sdb.

dd if=omv_2.0.15_rpi_rpi2.img of=/dev/sdb

Once the file is fully written onto SD card, we can now remove and insert it into the SD slot of the Raspberry Pi and power it on. It will now boot into Open Media vault NAS server. During the first boot, the system check for file system errors. If the filesystem has any errors initially, system enters maintenance mode. We would have to enter the root password i.e. “openmediavault” and fix the errors manually. Once the file checks are complete, the system reboots and while proper boot,it automatically resizes the partition to the maximum limit as per the SD card size.

Note: We must make sure if the Raspberry Pi is connected to a network before logging into the UI.

Once that is complete, the Command line displays the web URL to login to the webUI of Open Media Vault. Now we can logon using the following credentials.

User : admin
Password: openmediavault


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