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Installing Raspbian Jessie on Raspberry Pi

Raspbian is a free Operating system for Raspberry Pi based on Debian. The latest version is codenamed Jessie. There are 2 flavours of Raspbian – Raspbian Jessie Pixel and Raspbian Jessie lite.


Raspbian is available as prebuilt image from the official repository . The 2 different flavours of Raspbian can be downloaded from the following links

Raspbian Jessie Pixel

Raspbian Jessie Lite

Download and save the image into your machine. The file will be in compressed xz format.Extract the image

unzip 2017-04-10-raspbian-jessie.zip

The output file will be in .img format. This is the prebuilt image which can be directly written to the SD that is used to boot the Raspberry Pi. We can use “dd” to write the image file into the SD card.

dd if=2017-04-10-raspbian-jessie.img of=/dev/x

The “x” is the file relating to the SD card. It can be replaced according to your Operating System. If it is Linux, “x” should be replaced with “sdb” or “mmcblk”.

After this image is fully written into the SD card, remove it from the machine.

Insert it into SD slot of Raspberry Pi. Switch on the Raspberry Pi.

The setup will expand the size of the partition according to the size of the SD card. Then it will boot in to the operating system. Once Raspbian boots run the following commands in the command line to update the packages.

apt-get update
apt-get dist upgrade

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