Password recovery · Ubuntu · Ubuntu 16.04

Resetting Sudo User password on Ubuntu 16.04

Sometimes we set a complex password and forget it. If we have done that on Ubuntu 16.04, we have a procedure to reset the password. In this article we will have a look at the procedure.

  1. Power on your machine
  2. While the system is booting hold the shift key to pause the system at GRUB.
  3. Choose “Ubuntu”
  4. Press “e” to  edit the line.
  5. Press “up” arrow or “Down” arrow to navigate to line that starts with “linux”
  6. Goto the end of the current line, delete the word “ro” and  append “rw init=/bin/bash”
  7. Press “F10” key or “Crtl – x” to boot
  8. The system will boot up to a administrative root shell without asking for a password
  9. Type passwd <username>
  10. Enter your new password and confirm
  11. Reboot your machine
  12. Try logging using your new password

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