OpenMandriva LX

OpenMandriva LX3

OpenMandriva LX is a Linux Distibution developed by a Non Profit community known as Open Mandriva. It is a derivative of Mandrake Linux which used to be a popular Linux distribution in the past.

In this article lets see the procedure to install OpenMandriva LX3.

OpenMandriva LX can be downloaded from this Link.

Once downloaded you can write it into a disc and boot the machine using the disc. It will boot into GRUB. Select Install OpenMandriva LX.


Select the language you want to use and Press “Next”.


Select your time zone and click on “Next”.


Select your keyboard layout and click “Next”.


If you want to install OpenMandriva on a New Hard Disk select “Erase disk” and click “Next”. If you want to run a Dual boot machine or do a custom partitioning select “Manual partitioning” and click “Next”.


Enter the user details, username, password for the username and password for root. Click “Next”.


Confirm the details in the next window and click on “Next”.


Click “Install now” in the small window that pops up.


In the next window, you can have a look the progress in the progress bar.


Once the installation is complete, click “Quit” to exit the installer.


Once the machine reboots, to check the installation, select “OpenMandriva Lx” to boot.


Login using the credentials to login to the Plasma Desktop.


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