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Managing Hard disk partitions using GParted live

GParted is an Open Source live Operating System used for partitioning Hard disks. GParted boots into a basic GUI when booted from a CD or USB. After booting the GParted application starts in the foregroun. In this article let us  look at how to do basic partitioning using GParted. You can download GParted from this link.

Boot the machine off this live CD and follow the below instructions.

At GRUB select “GParted Live (Default settings)”


For default keyboard select “Don’t touch keymap”. If you want to use a different keymap select from other options that are available.


Select language by typing the number  against your preferred language and press enter. Default is US English.


For using GUI type 0 and press Enter. If you want a command line type 2 and press Enter. In this procedure, we will be using GUI.


A brand new untouched is shown as unallocated and we need to create a partition scheme first. The default display shows the first hard-disk   i.e. “/dev/sda”


You can select between multiple hard disks by clicking the hard disk selection dropdown button on the right hand top corner.


Select the hard disk. Hard disk can also be selected by navigating to GParted -> Devices -> /dev/sda


If the Hard disk is new or if low level format is performed on it, we need to create a partition table.

For installing Linux you can use, MBR or GPT. Once you select the partition table type, GParted will ask to confirm deleting all data. If the Hard disk has some data and you still want to create a new partition table, make sure you have backup of the important files. Click on “Apply”.




Once the new partition table is created, new partitions can be created. Click on “New” button to create a new partition.


Move the slider and select the size of the partition to be created. Also enter the following details.

Free space preceding:  Enter the amount free space to be left before this partition

New Size:  The size of the new partition to be created

Free Space following: Free space that should follow the partition

Align to: Alignment which this partition is based on

Create as: Select between Primary partition, Extended partition and Logical Partition

Partition name: Name of the partition (Optional)

File system: File system of the partition

Label: Optional label for this partition


Click on “Add”.


The new partition scheme will be shown. We have to click “Apply” for GParted to write scheme on to the Hard disk.


Once the scheme has been written on to the partition, it is notified. Once complete, click on “Close”.


Double click on “Exit” for shutdown menu to show up.


Select “Shutdown” and click “OK”.


Remove the CD or USB, that is used to boot GParted, and press “Enter”


Reboot the machine and check the new partition created.

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