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Installing FreeBSD 11 on Raspberry pi

FreeBSD is available for installation on Raspberry pi, from version 10.0. We can install and Configure FreeBSD 11.x using the following procedure.

The FreeBSD is available as prebuilt image from the official repository .The following is a directory in one of the official mirrors of FreeBSD.
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CRM software · Zurmo

Installing Zurmo CRM on Ubuntu 14.04

Zurmo is an Open Source CRM software by Zurmo inc. In this article, let see how to install the community edition of this software.

Update the packages

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Install the dependencies required

apt-get install lamp-server^
apt-get install memcached php-apc php-soap php-pear php5-memcache php5-curl php5-imap php5-gd php5-dbg php5-mcrypt php5-ldap

Enable the required PHP modules

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Installing XFCE-4 on FreeBSD 11

XFCE is a lightweight desktop environment for Unix like Operaing Systems. In this article let us see how to install XFCE on FreeBSD 11.

FreeBSD 11 can be downloaded from this link. Install FreeBSD according to your requirements, and once the installation is complete, use the following steps to install XFCE desktop evironment.

For more details and documentation of XFCE desktop you can have a look here.

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