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Managing Hard disk partitions using GParted live

GParted is an Open Source live Operating System used for partitioning Hard disks. GParted boots into a basic GUI when booted from a CD or USB. After booting the GParted application starts in the foregroun. In this article let us  look at how to do basic partitioning using GParted. You can download GParted from this link.

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OpenMandriva LX

OpenMandriva LX3

OpenMandriva LX is a Linux Distibution developed by a Non Profit community known as Open Mandriva. It is a derivative of Mandrake Linux which used to be a popular Linux distribution in the past.

In this article lets see the procedure to install OpenMandriva LX3.

OpenMandriva LX can be downloaded from this Link.

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Raspberry Pi · Raspbian

Installing Raspbian Jessie on Raspberry Pi

Raspbian is a free Operating system for Raspberry Pi based on Debian. The latest version is codenamed Jessie. There are 2 flavours of Raspbian – Raspbian Jessie Pixel and Raspbian Jessie lite.


Raspbian is available as prebuilt image from the official repository . The 2 different flavours of Raspbian can be downloaded from the following links

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