Generic Fix For Broken Packages In Debian Based Systems

So, you’ve just finished installing a bunch of updates in your system and let it restart as you go to get a cup of coffee. You take your time and get back with a cup in hand and ready to start your work for the day. As you sit down, a blank screen stares right back at you! You try typing something, but it doesn’t work. You hard reset the system and see that the boot screen shows up just fine, but then it just freezes and goes blank again. In a state of panic, you go into the safe mode and try to drop into a root shell. No dice. In a last ditch effort, you try connecting from a remote host. And voila! ssh works. Just barely. You are able to access all your files and enter commands normally.

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Elementry OS · Linux Distribution

ElementaryOS: An evaluation

I recently had to install Linux on my parents’ computer. They’ve been running Ubuntu with LXDE and were NOT happy with it. The desktop configuration kept breaking and sometimes, it wasn’t usable at all. I laid down some basic criteria for the operating system I was going to install:

  1. It must be intuitive and easy to use even for non-technical folks.
  2. No terminal. If I have to use the terminal to set things up, the distribution loses points.
  3. The distro must work out of the box without a problem. Basic applications included should be useful.
  4. Good hardware support.
  5. No trying to optimize performance for hardware. I decided to buy more hardware for better performance.

The fight was between Manjaro, Elementary OS, and Debian(For some Reason). Ubuntu desktop broke far too often for me to even consider it. I eventually settled on ElementaryOS because I’ve been hearing really rave reviews about it and I was unsure about Manjaro because I wasn’t confident enough that my parents could troubleshoot any problems that might crop up.

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Ansible · Configuration management · Debian · Debian 8

Installing and configuring Ansible on Debian Jessie

Ansible is shipped with Debian through the official repository. The Ansible version available through Debian repository is 1.7.

In this article let’s assume the following details for the machines

Server – Hostname: server, IP :

Node1 – Hostname: node1, IP :

Node2 – Hostname: node2, IP :

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Raspberry Pi · Raspbian

Installing Raspbian Jessie on Raspberry Pi

Raspbian is a free Operating system for Raspberry Pi based on Debian. The latest version is codenamed Jessie. There are 2 flavours of Raspbian – Raspbian Jessie Pixel and Raspbian Jessie lite.


Raspbian is available as prebuilt image from the official repository . The 2 different flavours of Raspbian can be downloaded from the following links

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