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Resetting Sudo User password on Ubuntu 16.04

Sometimes we set a complex password and forget it. If we have done that on Ubuntu 16.04, we have a procedure to reset the password. In this article we will have a look at the procedure.

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Accessing AWS VPC instances using OpenVPN-NL


  1. Amazon VPC CIDR (the /16 one) – is our example

  2. Ubuntu 14.04 instance launched in a public subnet with EIP attached

  3. EIP of the above machine – is our example
  4. SSH connection to the Ubuntu instance

Setting up the server

We are going to use a distribution of OpenVPN called OpenVPN-NL ( because it has more secure defaults than the standard OpenVPN installation that is distributed with Ubuntu. Also, OpenVPN-NL makes use of mbed-TLS (previously PolarSSL) instead of OpenSSL because of its compactness and ease of auditability (is that even a word?). Run all following commands as the root user: Continue reading “Accessing AWS VPC instances using OpenVPN-NL”

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OpenStack Liberty on Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 15.10 – Single machine setup

Install Ubuntu with partitioning scheme as per your requirements. Note: Run all the commands as super-user. We assume that the IP of the Single machine is Continue reading “OpenStack Liberty on Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 15.10 – Single machine setup”

PerconaDB XtraDB cluster · Ubuntu · Ubuntu 14.04

Percona XtraDB Cluster – 2 Machine setup on Ubuntu 14.04

This article describes how to install and configure PerconaDB xtraDB cluster on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS The installation procedure is same for both the machines.


Here in this exercise we are going to build a cluster of 2 machines. Let us assume that the 2 machines are having the following IP:


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