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Hadoop Installation Guide

Version 1 of Hadoop Installation Guide is out. Download the guide by clicking on the following link.

Hadoop installation guide  cover
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OpenStack Havana on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS – Single machine setup

The Single machine setup has all the services running. Cinder part is to be added in the future.

Install Ubuntu 12.04 with partitioning scheme as per your requirements.

Note: Run all the commands as super-user. We assume that the IP of the Single machine is

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Samba – A short guide for sharing files and printers


Samba is a service in Unix like operating systems which can be used to share folders across a Windows Network. Samba is a standard service among almost all the Linux distributions.Samba can perform the following operations.

  1. Act as file server among Windows and Linux machines
  2. Act as a printer sharing service
  3. Act as a domain controller for a Windows network
  4. Act as a client under a Windows domain

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