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Installing Raspbian Jessie on Raspberry Pi

Raspbian is a free Operating system for Raspberry Pi based on Debian. The latest version is codenamed Jessie. There are 2 flavours of Raspbian – Raspbian Jessie Pixel and Raspbian Jessie lite.


Raspbian is available as prebuilt image from the official repository . The 2 different flavours of Raspbian can be downloaded from the following links

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Installing FreeBSD 11 on Raspberry pi

FreeBSD is available for installation on Raspberry pi, from version 10.0. We can install and Configure FreeBSD 11.x using the following procedure.

The FreeBSD is available as prebuilt image from the official repository .The following is a directory in one of the official mirrors of FreeBSD.
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Building a Raspberry pi kiosk

One thing many people want to achieve with a Raspberry Pi is a functioning simple web kiosk. Combined with a touchscreen, it could potentially replace ATM machines. Yes, it’s high time we switched to low cost, secure ATM kiosks based on easily available commodity hardware. ATM machines and Kiosks mostly run a Windows XP (!?) on a machine that’s configured to launch only one application and in the event the application crashes, the system shuts down and sends an alert to the bank staff. This can easily be done with a Raspberry Pi. The system should have no problem delivering the complete set of functionality, should be fairly easy to deploy, maintain and secure on a large scale and hey, Raspberry Pi is so tiny, we’ll be spoilt for space inside the ATM machine. (More cash, Yay!). I’m not even going to elaborate on the savings on electricity (go figure!).

RPi awesomeness
By Chris Sheppard on Flickr

The idea of this exercise is simple. You start the system and you get dumped onto a web browser with a specific site loaded. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. If the web browser crashes, the system attempts to restart the browser or dies trying >:D

We also need this kiosk thing to be gentle on system resources. So we’ll use lightweight (albeit effective and powerful) applications. The ingredient list is as follows:

  1. Auto Log-in: nodm
  2. Auto X start: we use a simple .xsession file
  3. Window Manager: We’ll be using the full awesomeness of matchbox
  4. Browser: uzbl. Haven’t heard of it? You should totally check it out.
  5. Splash screen: fbi. Yea I know how that sounds. 😛

Let’s see how to set each one of these babies up

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Installing a Mini NAS server on Raspberry Pi – Open Media Vault

Open Media Vault is an Open Source Network Attached Storage solution based on Debian/Linux. Open Media Vault is loaded with a lot of plugins and features. For features and list of plugins available, please refer the feature list. Open Media Vault supports architectures like x86, AMD 64 and ARM. Since it supports ARM architecture, it is ported to work on Raspberry Pi. The latest version of Open Media Vault is 2.0.15. Let us now see how to create a mini NAS server by installing Open Media Vault on a Raspberry Pi. Continue reading “Installing a Mini NAS server on Raspberry Pi – Open Media Vault”