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Installing a Mini NAS server on Raspberry Pi – Open Media Vault

Open Media Vault is an Open Source Network Attached Storage solution based on Debian/Linux. Open Media Vault is loaded with a lot of plugins and features. For features and list of plugins available, please refer the feature list. Open Media Vault supports architectures like x86, AMD 64 and ARM. Since it supports ARM architecture, it is ported to work on Raspberry Pi. The latest version of Open Media Vault is 2.0.15. Let us now see how to create a mini NAS server by installing Open Media Vault on a Raspberry Pi. Continue reading “Installing a Mini NAS server on Raspberry Pi – Open Media Vault”

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Getting Started with GlusterFS

GlusterFS is a scale out NAS file system. GlusterFS can be installed in production on hardware machines. The following article explains how to get started with GlusterFS. In order to get familiar with GlusterFS, we can install it on VMs or instances running on  private cloud or a public cloud. The setup I installed GlusterFS on, is  a 2 node setup.
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