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ClamAV – The antivirus you are looking for!

Funny names! why, oh why?

I use ClamAV on my workstations. So what is ClamAV and why is it a big deal? ClamAV [site] is a powerful Free/Open source software cross platform anti-virus framework that is licensed under GNU GPL. It is based on the libclamav library and hence it’s more a framework than a product.

Do I need an anti-virus?

Now some of you *nix users may be asking yourself the obvious question

I’m running Do I need an anti-virus at all?

The short answer is “YES”. The long answer? It depends. While there are not many Linux viruses (virii?) in the wild, that’s only because the authors of malware are only interested in targeting systems with a large user base. Windows desktop user base is larger than Linux currently. That could change if the user-base of Linux increases in size significantly.

There is no silver bullet to security. Security is a mindset. It’s a practice. Having a system that detects and quarantines viruses is a single part of the set of good security practices. Although Linux isn’t prone to virus infections much, it’s a good idea to have a strong anti-virus running for these reasons:

  1. Your system might inadvertently play host to viruses from flash drives
  2. You might have a file server or a NAS server that Windows users connect to
  3. You might be running a mail server.

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